This page lists the winners of all major Tecumseh awards over the years. Unfortunately, I am missing a few award winners. If you have access to old Sunbeams and are able to help complete the lists of award winners, please send the list to Biff Sturla at

  Senior Tecumseh Boy Award Winners
Alvin S. Wagner Intermediate Tecumseh Boy Award Winners
Junior Tecumseh Boy Award Winners

Jim Fraser Award Winners
Robert Glascott Award Winners

Pancho Mazza Award Winners

Counselor Outstanding Coach Award

Counselor Spirit Award

William Lingelbach Soccer Award Winners
Soccer Dedication Plaque Award Winners

Senior Basketball League MVP Award Winners
Junior Basketball League MVP Award Winners
Dan Dougherty Award Winners

Senior Baseball Award Winners
Rae Butler Junior Baseball Award Winners
Golden Glove Award Winners

James S. Collins Senior Football Award Winners
Junior Football Award Winners

Senior Golf Award Winners
Tom Fraser "Wee Golfer" Award Winners

Peter Benoliel Senior Tennis Award Winners
Franklin Osgood Junior Tennis Award Winners

Senior Wrestling Award Winners
Junior Wrestling Award Winners

John A. Glascott Track Award Winners
Junior Track Award Winners

Senior Lacrosse Award Winners
Junior Lacrosse Award Winners

John B. Miller Swim Award Winners
Junior Swimming Award Winners

Henry B. Williams Drama Award Winners

Mini Marathon Competition Winners
Iron Man Competition Winners


Established in 1927, this award is given to the senior boy who, by vote of the senior campers, typifies the spirit of Camp Tecumseh with emphasis on manliness, service, loyalty, and leadership. A plaque donated by Ernest Scott (father of David R. who was Tecumseh Boy in 1954) with the names of all previous Tecumseh Boy winners is awarded and held by the winner for one year. Starting in 1988, the Senior Tecumseh Boy also received a $2000 scholarship to an institution of higher learning from the $35,000 bequest of Arthur F. Armstrong who was a counselor at Tecumseh in the 1920’s and later Chairman of the Trustees from 1970 to 1979. Mr. Armstrong continued his enthusiasm for Tecumseh until his death on September 29, 1987. Armstrong’s ashes were spread around camp at his request.

YearAward Winner
1928Emory Eysmans
1929Philip W. Townsend
1930Hayes Aikens
1931William F. Tiernan
1932Edward Lane Stanley
1933William Richards
1934Drew I. Pearsall
1935Robert McDonald
1936Benjamin Lee Bird
1937George N. Degerberg, Jr.
1938Edward Charles McDonald
1939George E. Stanley
1940Andrew G. Knox
1941John R. Roberts, Jr.
1942William J. Ryan
1943Theodore Coxe
1944No Selection
1945Richard Pugh
1946John M. Hume & Richard Ryan
1947Frederick S. Allen
1948Erwin A. Fiero, Jr.
1949William Pugh, Jr.
1950Timothy Hutchinson
1951No Selection
1952Scott Murphy
1953William G. Hamilton III
1954David R. Scott
1955Porter G. Shreve
1956Matthew W. Black, Jr.
1957Donald Metz
1958David W. Wilson
1959G. Spencer Garrett
1960Frank Craig Heston
1961Edwards A. Fleming
1962William A. Warnock III
1963Johnson Poe Duer
1964Louis A. Young, Jr.
1965M. Sandy McAdoo
1966No Selection
1967Ben Russell
1968Graham F. Zug
1969Scott Tyson Davis
1970Steven C. Ramsey
1971Keith W. Forster
1972Allen E. Stiner, Jr.
1973Thomas J. Edwards
1974Peter C. Abronski
1975John C. McGinley & Peter Monaghan
1976Hugh McC. Coxe
1977James C. McCracken
1978Robert X. Allman
1979Joseph P. McGrath
1980Morty Fertel
1981William W. Keffer
1982Timothy C. O’Shea
1983Robert L. Gray IV
1984Matt Oelkers
1985Matthew Micolucci
1986Ted Durkin
1987Howdie Goodwin
1988Songha Willis
1989Pancho Mazza
1990Don McDonough
1991Mike Reardon
1992Mike O’Shea
1993Doug Ormond
1994Geoff Watson
1995Mike Miller
1996Will Bender
1997Blake Stabert
1998Dave Delaney
1999Binky Bispham
2000Kevin Dugan
2001Alan Rego
2002Nick Hidell
2003Elijah Vidal
2004Steve Serling
2005Colby Mattheson
2006Bo Redpath
2007Ryan Merlini
2008Jim Lamb
2009Leonard Buckner
2010Nick Lamb
2011Trevor Atkins
2012Jack Keffer
2013Gus Anderson
2014Tommy McNamara
2015Peter Merlini
2016Tristan Webster
2017Nick Pope
2018Liam Ruddy
2019Nolan Burke
2021Tucker Read
2022RJ Jordan


Established in 1983, this award was established to recognize the intermediate age boy who, in the opinion of his fellow campers, meets the criteria of the Senior Tecumseh Boy. Al Wagner was at Camp Tecumseh from 1928 until 1962. He was Camp Director from 1947 through 1951. He also headed the senior campus for many years.

YearAward Winner
1983Matthew D. Oelkers
1984Ted Durkin
1985Howdie Goodwin
1986Brian Murphy
1987Andy Gribbel
1988Brandon Wyszynski
1989Dan McFadden
1990Ryan Tickner
1991Mackey Pierce
1992Luke Tickner & Geoff Watson
1993Will Kain
1994Patrick Wolfington
1995Blake Stabert
1996Andy Lawrence
1997Cary Mellor
1998Rob Previti
1999Alan Rego
2000Barrett Abbott
2001Kevin Smith
2002Sam Daly
2003Colby Mattheson
2004Colin Serling
2005Bo Redpath
2006No Winner
2007Thomas Crandall
2008Trupert Ortlieb
2009Jack Keffer
2010Stanton Young
2011Conor Shea
2012Massimo Bucci
2013John Washington
2014Nick Pope
2015MJ Atkins
2016Kevin Beljian
2017Walker Goodwin
2018Patrick Jameison
2019Eddie Wright
2021Noah Leibovitz
2022Eli Knight


Beginning in 1936, the Kenneth H. Bitting Trophy was given in the form of a large bowl inscribed with the winners’ names. This is awarded annually to the camper in the junior divisions, who, in the opinion of his fellow campers, was most outstanding for his courtesy, his manliness, and his service to the camp. At the time the award was established, it was awarded to any boy below senior age, including intermediates. Since 1983, with the beginning of the Alvin S. Wagner Intermediate Award, only boys below Intermediate age were eligible and the method of election modified. Each Junior cabin nominates one boy. The entire counsel then makes the final selection from those nominated. Kenneth H. Bitting donated the trophy because of his early experience at Tecumseh in 1915 and his desire to foster Tecumseh ideals. He served with distinction in both World War I and World War II. His son Kenneth H. Bitting, Jr. was at Tecumseh, starting in 1936.

YearAward Winner
1936Louis Robert Knodel
1937Lawrence Pugh Cloud
1938Andrew Randolph Stone
1939Joseph Donald Goodman
1940Clinton Newbold Ely
1941Henderson Supplee III
1942Warren Tutt Stone
1943Frederick Stetson Allen
1944Nathaniel Richard Bowditch
1945Erwin Agnew Fiero, Jr.
1946Scott Swain Withrow
1947William Osgood
1948Michael M. Stewart
1949Jack Pinheiro
1950William G. Hamilton III
1951Farish Jenkins
1952Winthrop B. James
1953William S. Flippin
1954Peter Gehret
1955Franklin B. Smith
1956Allan E. Walker III
1957William Jessup
1958Robert A. Haines
1959David R. Strawbridge
1960Edmund Lukens Harvey, Jr.
1961Johnson Poe Duer
1962Rodman A. St. Clair, Jr.
1963McKinley C. McAdoo
1964Bruce McCracken
1965Jeffrey S. Young
1966Lee K. Andrews
1967Scott T. Davis
1968Rodman W. Smith
1969John L. Spofford
1970Drew E. Spaeth & David L. Walker
1971Stephen G. Yarnall
1972B.E. Clay Spurgeon
1973John C. McGinley
1974P. Adam Abronski
1975James C. McCracken
1976James L. Crawford III & John T. Gillin, Jr.
1977Vincent Allman
1978Kurt Colehower
1979Kenneth Burns & Jonathan T. Colehower
1980Timothy C. O’Shea
1981Timothy C. O’Shea
1982John L. Lawton
1983Stephen Skillman
1984Stephen Skillman
1985Don Mann
1986Marc Tousignant
1987Geoff Walker
1988Geoff Watson
1989Mike O’Shea
1990Jamie Griffin
1991Geoff Watson
1992Will Kain & Matt Schuh
1993Will Hiesinger
1994Jared Abney
1995Andy Lawrence
1996Jason Balmer
1997Tony Garvan
1998Wes Ballentine & Alan Rego
1999Maxx Brown
2000Chris Hearne
2001Stephen Serling
2002Colby Mattheson
2003Colin Serling
2004Miles Dixon & Ryan Merlini
2005Will Hatcher & Ryan Merlini
2006David Rosenfeld
2007Randy Beck
2008Dutch Buckley, Will Duncan
2009Massimo Bucci
2010Conor Shea
2011Connor Gunsalus
2012Matt Campell
2013John Walsh
2014Ben Hayes
2015Jack Shoemaker
2016Tommy Pope
2017Max Hayes
2018Eddie Wright
2019Alex Pintado
2021Read Goodwin
2022Ascher Wall


The Robert Glascott Award is given to the camper who has distinguished himself by consistently displaying an outstanding work ethic in all camp activities.

YearAward Winner
2002Barrett Abbott
2003Dan Bennett
2004Drew Erickson
2005Miles Dixon
2006Paul Mita
2007JP Price & Matt Poiesz
2008Teron Dow, Brian O'Shea
2009Ryan Dougherty
2010Nick Lamb
2011Jack Keffer
2012Gus Anderson, Nick Tilley
2013Tommy McNamara, Gus Anderson
2014Jayden McGoldrick
2015Andre Sturgeon
2016Treshawn Felder
2017Tristan Webster
2018Carter Warren
2019Wilcox Tullo
2021Wilcox Tullo
2022Andrew McGuigan


The Jim Fraser Award is given to the camper who embodies sportsmanship, spirit, industry, class and a commitment to Camp Tecumseh.

YearAward Winner
1998Chris Haunss
1999Drew Crockett
2000Artie Armstrong & John Smith
2001Allan Rego
2002Miles Dixon
2003Rob McCallion
2004Dan Ruggieri
2005Jonathan Price
2006Ryan Merlini
2007Cody Isdaner
2008Cary Carabasi
2009Bryant Carrion
2010B.G. Lemmon
2011Trevor Atkins
2012Ben Hayes
2013Jay Heymann
2014Tommy McNamara
2015Luca Marano
2016James Schirrmeister
2017Nick Pope
2018Matt Burke & Nolan Burke
2019Ryan Erwin
2021Thomas Pendergast
2022Nolan Abronski


This award goes to the camper who has shown the most courage, dedication, endurance, and confidence in overcoming a challenge during his stay at camp Camp Tecumseh

YearAward Winner
2009Thomas Crandall
2010Dad Poquie
2011Mike Lamb
2012Jonathan Lopez
2013Roy Connors
2014Matthew Campbell
2015Queco Jorba
2016Jonathan Reynolds
2017Max Toscani
2018Tucker Read
2019Kenny Driscoll & Matthew Talbot
2021Jack Cloran, Miles & Parker Warkentine, RJ Jordan
2022Donal O'Connor


YearAward Winner
1997Sibby Browne
1998Thacher Goodwin
1999Brian Hemming
2000Michael Reardon
2001Michael Dougherty
2002Vaughn Smith
2003Terry Cooper
2004Brandon Gilcher
2005Paul Poiesz & Pete Shaifer
2006Kevin Dougherty
2007Terry Cooper
2008Bill Kampmann
2009Bill Aronson
2010No Selection
2011Drew Erickson
2012David Henry
2013Wes Ballentine
2014Deane Mellor
2015Zach Crump & Ben Sandalow
2016John Falvey
2017Taylor Perkins
2018Brett Blakiston
2019Hunter Gillin
2021Jawan Jones
2022Mikey Kampmann


YearAward Winner
1997Rusty Brown
1998Eric Gregg
1999Jim Fraser
2000Mark Luff
2001Blake Stabert
2002Mark Merlini
2003Brian Brady
2004Paul Colistra
2005Kevin Dougherty
2006Connor Gwynn
2007Terry Cooper
2008Barrett Abbott & Wes Ballentine
2009Josh Benn
2010Deane Mellor
2011Bob Glascott
2012Matt McMurdo
2013Ben Sandalow
2014Jim Lamb & Nick Lamb
2015Chris Dougherty
2016Wes Ballentine
2017Tecumseh Staff
2018Billy Harris
2019Pancho Schroder & Ramon Ros
2021Jack Cloran
2022Jack Roe


The William Lingelbach goes to the camper who, in his age group, is the best dribbler, most accurate shooter and best team player. The trophy is a bronzed soccer shoe (a.k.a. "The Boot") worn by Mr. Lingelbach in the Olympics.

YearAward Winner
1959Spencer Garrett
1960Edwards Fleming
1961Edmund Harvey
1962Johnson Poe Duer
1963Johnson Poe Duer
1964Stephen Alexander
1965William Roberts
1966Henry DiMuzio
1967Jon Frank & Scott Davis
1968David DeWitt
1969Don Van Duyn
1970Tommy Armstrong
1971Biff Sturla
1972Ed Spofford & Will Clark
1973Trip Ford & Will Clark
1974Peter Abronski
1975Adam Abronski
1976David Castle
1977David Castle & John Shoemaker
1978George Degerberg
1979Steve Crawford & John Beiger
1980Hart Baur
1981Rob Ryan & Brian McGrath
1982Don Mann
1983Dave Grose
1984Greg Knepper
1985Steve Gaffney & Don Mann
1986Danny Keating, Steve Gaffney & Tinry Dawson
1987Ian Checcio
1988Matt Ogelsby & Steve Gaffney
1989Brian Gallagher & Read Goodwin
1990Read Goodwin
1991Jon Hanks
1992Luke Tickner
1993Luke Tickner
1994Kevin McFadden
1995Pat Wolfington
1996Tom Unstatter
1997Dave Delaney
1998Chad Kurz
1999Dave Crockett
2000Mikey Holt
2001Allan Rego
2002Colin Serling
2003David Rosenfeld
2004Ben Hammonds
2005Nate Arronson
2006Bo Redpath
2007Jonathan Gomez
2008Sam Herbst
2009Brian Sachs
2010Randy Beck
2011Jack Keffer
2012Jackson Spahr
2013Peter Garno
2014Ethan Rodgers
2015Femi Awodesu
2016Eliot Hayes & David Walley
2017Wyatt Walley
2018Luke Roe
2019Jackson Tullo
2021Read Goodwin
2022Read Goodwin


This award is presented to the camper who shows the most dedication, hardwork, sportsmanship, effort and improvement in soccer during the camp season.

YearAward Winner
1985Pete Gillin
1986Alan Werther
1987Danny Keating
1988Geoff Walker
1989Will Nord
1990Mark Scotti
1991Garrett Scheck
1992Vincent DeLuca
1993Vincent DeLuca
1994Michael Dunn
1995Lee Rothenberg
1996Todd Zamzow
1997Tucker Crockett
2001Colin Serling
2002Ben Hammonds
2003Tim Hillas & Zach Herbst
2004Blair Stiner
2005Sam Lane
2006Danny Shaifer
2007Randy Beck
2008Danny Shaifer
2009Tyler Helms
2010Danny Shaifer
2011Asier Buenetxea
2012Mason Lesser
2013Peter van Eijk
2014Dan Calvelli
2015Axel Baltuch
2016Matthew Gardner
2017Tim McGrath
2018Eddie Wright
2019J.J. Guillaume
2021Noah Leibovitz
2022Brady Yoon


This award is presented to the Most Valuable Player in the senior basketball league, as voted on by the coaches and referees.

YearAward Winner
1981Mike Dougherty
1982Ted Bloom
1983John Fraser
1984John Fraser
1985Paul Gilhool
1986Chris O'Neill
1987Josh Jennings
1988Songa Willis
1989Dave Jannetta
1990Dan Keating
1991Drew Melchionni & Al Piper
1992Matt Oliver
1993Thatcher Goodwin
1994Ron Bethea
1995Scott Marimow & Jarred Abney
1996Jarred Abney
1997Andy Lawrence
1998Tommy Umstatter
1999Eric Harris
2000Kevin Dugan
2001Kamil Harris
2002Sam Stabert
2003Will Wise
2004Wiatt Farrar
2005Tom Hearne
2006Paul Mita
2007Cody Isdaner
2008Teron Dow
2009Nick Lamb
2010Nick Lamb
2011Chase Ruben
2012Nysir Griffin
2013Logan Atkins
2014Kharon Randolph
2015Andy Clough
2016Zach Schlichting
2017MJ Atkins
2018Liam Pakola
2019Matt Burke
2021Duke Cloran
2022Duke Cloran


This award is presented to the Most Valuable Player in the junior basketball league, as voted on by the coaches and referees.

YearAward Winner
1983Frank Mascaro
1984Greg Summers
1985Bob Kelly
1986Chris Wyszynski
1987Matt Noel
1988Jon Hallowell
1989Al Piper
1990Pat Bard
1991Luke Tickner & Paul Gale
1992Mike Keating
1993Scott Marimow
1994Jarred Abney
1995Brandon Abney
1996Pepe Enrich & Tucker Kain
1997Tony Garvan
1998Keith Cohen
1999Kyle Madden
2000Bucky Brown
2001Rob McCallion
2002Luke Miller
2003Colin Serling
2004Jonathon Price
2005Jim Lamb
2006Jim Lamb
2007Greg Boyd
2008Billy Greenfield
2009Phil Poquie
2010Logan Atkins
2011Eric Winn
2012Luca Marano
2013Kharon Randolph
2014Spencer Curto
2015Jared Sprague-Lott
2016Aidan Reilly
2017Blaze Williams
2018Duke Cloran
2019Duke Cloran
2021Ted Budreski
2022Conor Morsell


This award is presented to the camper who dedicates himself to improving his baseketball game the most over the summer. The award is named after long time Tecumseh basketball program director Dan Dougherty, a legendary high school and college basketball coach.

YearAward Winner
2005JP Price
2006Nick Vidal
2007JP Price
2008Brian O'Shea
2009Leonard Buckner
2010Leonard Buckner
2011Nick Tilley
2012Kharon Randolph
2013Marshall Smith
2014Marshall Smith
2015Matt Wolfington
2016Casey McKhann
2017Duke Cloran
2018Carter Warren
2019Carter Warren
2021Dean Goodwin, Linus Drennan
2022Carter Lytle


This award is presented to the senior camper who shows the most improvement in baseball during the camp season.

YearAward Winner
1968Brad Addis
1969Tom Williams
1970Jamie Jamison
1971Keith Forster
1972Clay Spurgeon
1973David Hansen
1974Lee Carson
1975Mark Weihenmayer
1976Chuck Baldwin
1977Dave Meyers & Ed LaPierre
1978Ed LaPierre
1979Joe McGrath
1980Mike Dougherty
1981Jim Gribbel
1982Tim Jannetta
1983Jim Gribbel
1984Tucker Levy
1985Chris O'Neill
1986David Goodwillie
1987Todd Gavan
1988Andy Gribbel
1989Mike Reardon & Dan McFadden
1990Mike Reardon
1991Peter Feinzig & Jamie Walker
1992Phil Geiger & Jamie Cevallos
1993Ted Swain
1994Will Heisinger & Jeff Miller
1995Kevin Gregg
1996Conor Gwynn
1997Jack Meyers
1998Parker Farrington
1999Aaron Scheinwald
2000Walter Jackson
2001Sam Stabert
2002Bucky Brown & Drew Smith
2003Jim Little & Tom Heppard
2004Colby Mattheson
2005Colby Mattheson
2006Tyler Rioff
2007JP Price
2008Kyle Pietro
2009Giancarlo Regni
2010Nick Lamb
2011Trevor Atkins
2012Nick Tilley
2013Jack Besser, Mike Lamb
2014Mike Lamb, Harrison Downs
2015Elliot Appelman
2016Jahli Hendricks
2017Jack Clothier
2018Lane Johnson
2019Duke Cloran
2021Chase DiLella
2022Matt Medina


This award is presented to the junior camper who shows the most improvement in baseball during the camp season.

YearAward Winner
1968Bill Brucker
1969John Spofford
1970Chuck Crockett
1971Jim Schackelton
1972Lee Carson
1973Chris Horton
1974Bill Lichtenwalner & Gordon Anderson
1975Joe McGrath
1976Lee Allman
1977Bill Meister
1978Bill Keffer
1979Rob Ryan
1980Rich Baruch
1981Billy Jannetta
1982Richard McNamara
1983Brian McCloskey
1984Brian McCloskey
1985David Jannetta
1986Brian Dougherty
1987Mike Reardon
1988Matt Grimes
1989Michael Chiliberti
1990Teddy Swain
1991Peter Narog
1992Greg Henning & Bradd Haley
1993Will Heisinger & Andrew Paolillo
1994Chris Dougherty
1995Clay Stabert
1996Aaron Sheinwald
1997Peter Lewis
1998Keith Cohen
1999Drew Smith & Sam Stabert
2000Drew Smith
2001Colby Mattheson
2002Colby Mattheson
2003Trevor Smith & Joey Petrone
2004Joey McCallion
2005Nate Simon
2006Thomas Crandall
2007Thomas Crandell
2008Matt Callanan
2009Jack Keffer, Guy McKhann
2010Logan Atkins, Chris Colao
2011Connor Gunsalus
2012Jack Besser
2013Ben Gerber
2014Jack Clothier
2015Jared Sprague-Lott
2016Jack Shoemaker
2017Aiden Mehta
2018RJ Jordan
2019Andrew McGuigan
2021Chase Michelson
2022Owen Murphy


This award is presented to the camper who shows the best defensive skills in baseball during the camp season.

YearAward Winner
2000Ian Qua
2001Wes Ballentine
2003Mike Helfant
2004JP Price & Nate Simon
2005Nate Arronson
2006Bobby Flood
2007Adam Erkis
2008Adam Erkis
2009Trevor Atkins
2010Jack Keffer
2011Nick Tilley
2012Ben Gerber, Connor Gunsalus
2013John Washington
2014Elliot Appleman
2015Jahli Hendricks
2016Sam Chase
2017Walker Goodwin
2019Eli Bloch
2022Holt Record


This award is presented "to the boy shows promise towards the developing qualities of leadership, loyalty, effort, spirit and skills, in the game of football."

YearAward Winner
1968George Miller
1969Garey Cooper & Jim Claghorn
1970Ken Horton
1971Lew Smith
1972Lew Smith
1973Peter Abronski
1974Hank Smith
1975John McGinley & David Lee
1976Hank Smith & Mac Jackson
1977Mac Jackson
1978Rob Allman
1979Morty Fertel
1980Mike Jannetta & Jim Crummy
1981Mark McGinley
1982J.R. Jannetta & John Bachman
1983Billy Pope
1984Billy Pope
1985Jay Renfro & Mike Gerber
1986Jeff Fraser
1987Howdie Goodwin
1988Andy Gribbel & Doug Jeffrey
1989Mike Kain & Matt Walsh
1990Andrew Bullit
1991Al Piper
1992Curtis Cheney
1993Paul Gale & Jeff Psaki
1994Dave Williams
1995Mike Miller
1996Chris Pracht
1997Bud Williams & Justin Poe
1998No Selection
1999Andrew Bailey
2000Artie Armstrong
2001Rob Casullo
2002Nick Hidell
2003Dan Ruggieri
2004Hunter Carson
2005Mike Repshe
2006Austin Hungerford
2007Jim Lamb
2008Chris Driscoll
2009Ryan Dougherty
2010Dad Poquie
2011Brendan Wickline
2012Carty Causo, Petey Peterson
2013Connor Atkins
2014Luca Marano
2015Ben Gerber & Tristan Webster
2016Luke Wolfington
2017Tristan Webster
2018Nolan Burke
2019Matt Burke
2021Aaron Campbell
2022Tyler DeMilt


This award is presented to the junior camper who display hard work, enthusiasm, dedication, coachability and loyalty towards the game of football.

YearAward Winner
1986Kane O'Neill & Brian Rooney
1987Cary Goodwin & Chris Rolph
1988Cary Goodwin
1989Gene Woehr
1990Brendan Dugan & Mike Miller
1991John Frekko
1992Matt Kelley
1993Brandon Abney
1994Chris Gardner & Matt Miller
1995Sean Crisman & Giovanni Borghesi
1996Chris "Tree" Rollins
1997Sam Stabert
1998Liam McLaughlin
1999Mike Krepley
2000Sam Fyock
2001Sam Daly
2002Jack Hunsicker
2003Joe Casullo
2004Ryan Dougherty
2005Ryan Dougherty
2006Ryan Dougherty
2007Peter Green
2008Peter Green
2009Jackson Spahr
2010Scott Adair, Jackson Spahr
2011Scott Adair
2012Nick Pope
2013John Geppert
2014Ben Gerber
2015John Dalmass
2016John Chadwell
2017Matt Wolfington
2018Duke Cloran
2019Noah Leibovitz
2021Tucker Cloran & Christian Stroebel
2022Joseph Chiliberti


This award is presented to the senior camper who shows the most improvement in the game of golf and works hard to improve his game.

YearAward Winner
2001Jamie Hubbell
2003Tom Palmer
2004Tom Palmer
2005Colby Mattheson
2006Will Addis
2007George Riter
2008Mac Selverian
2009Thomas Crandall
2010Thomas Crandall
2011Trevor Atkins
2012Andrew Jannetta
2013Patrick Beljan
2014Bosco Schroder
2015No Selection
2016Kyle Jasper
2017MJ Atkins
2018Jared Semisch
2019Jared Semisch
2021Donal O'Connor


This award is presented to the junior camper who shows the most improvement in the game of golf and works hard to improve his game.

YearAward Winner
2002Brendan Foley
2003Ryan Sparks
2004David Bemer
2005Griffin Randall
2006Jon Riter
2007Will Riter
2008Patrick Beljian
2009Patrick Beljian
2010Patrick Beljan, Andrew Jannetta
2011Bosco Schroder
2012Mac Costin
2013Liam Crenny
2014Kevin Crowley
2015Evan Goodman
2016Wells Flinn
2017Charlie Maier & Jacobo Vazquez
2018Cooper Smith
2019Ryan O'Connor


This award is presented to the senior or intermediate who exhibits good sportsmanchip, fathfulness in service and dedication to the game of tennis.

YearAward Winner
1968Rick Faber
1969Steve Baker
1970Pat Patterson
1971John Leisenring
1972Steve Graham
1973Peter VonMaur
1974Peter VonMaur
1975Albert Manwaring
1976Hank Berkowitz
1977Roy Manwaring
1978Mike Peter
1979Ted Angelus
1980Ted Angelus
1981Martin Saldanha
1982Tim O'Shea
1983Guisseppe Mazza
1984Mark Breuers
1985Mark Blaier
1986Bob Kelly
1987Greg Fisogni
1988Ken Owen
1989Pancho Mazza
1990John Bartlett
1991Jorge Marimon
1992Keith Stanley
1993Adam Cherney & Harrison Smith
1994Peter Christodoulo
1995Stuart Lord
1996Lee Rothenberg
1997John Gartland
2001Liam McLaughlin
2002Dan Bennett & Edwin Mulhern
2003Clark Barber
2004Tim Reagan
2005Tom Siller
2006Ryan Merlini
2007Michael Dolente
2008Greg Dolente
2009Andrew Patten
2010Jack Gelinas
2011Will Morris
2012Javier Manas
2013Nate Bennett
2014Henry Chance
2015Kevin Beljan
2016Gerrard Pintado
2017Campbell Gervais
2018Ben Slotkin
2019Johnny McGuigan
2021Brady Yoon
2022Eli Knight


This award is presented to the best junior camper tennis player.

YearAward Winner
1978George Krall
1979Gil Dailey
1980Greg Roll
1981Guisseppe Mazza
1982Dan Cummins
1983Tim Wojtalik
1984John Talbot
1985Don Mann
1986Charlie Erwin
1987Scott Mardis
1988Ian Checcio
1989Tony Ulled
1990Mike Masius
1991Ben Park
1992Peter Christodoulo
1993Peter Christodoulo
1994Andy Lawrence
1995Andy Lawrence
1996Jeff Lawrence
1997Jeff Lawrence
2001Wes Ballentine
2002Alex Segura
2003Marty Lustgarten
2004Beau Redpath
2005Ryan Merlini
2006Archie Gwathmey
2007Antonio Manas
2008Henry Smith
2009John Walsh
2010Billy Harris
2011Evan Goodman
2012Ben Hayes
2013John Walsh
2014Aidan Reilly
2015Jack Borden
2016Owen Knight
2017Colin Officer
2018Hollis Robertson
2019John Farrell
2021Matt McGuigan
2022Teddy Sfreddo


This award is presented to the senior camper "for consistent interest, sportsmanship and development in wrestling."

YearAward Winner
1985Matt Micolucci
1986Charlie Erwin
1987Jon Mittman
1988Jon Sinker & Adrian Miles
1989Jon Sinker & Pete Partov
1990Jamie Mangrum
1991Matt Mittman
1992Jamie Griffin
1993Evan Tryforos
1994Bryan Manwaring
1995Peter Tryforos
1996No Winner
1997Kyle Mellor & Chris Koh
1998Rob Previti
1999Rob Previti
2000Steve Stulb
2001Steve Stulb
2002Drew Smith
2003Eli Vidal
2004Tommy Hensle
2005Quinn Manwaring
2006Cody Isdaner
2007Cody Isdaner
2008No Selection
2009Stanton Young
2010George Kunkel, Stanton Young
2011George Kunkel
2012Steve Tornetta
2013Nate Dalmass
2014No Selection
2015Truman Thuente
2016Owen Brine
2017Jude Minnich
2018Reed Fullmer
2019Grady O
2022Chase DiLella


This award is presented to the junior camper who has worked the hardest in the sport of wrestling.

YearAward Winner
2000Jason McGuire
2001Andrew VanRanst
2002Hunter Carson & Alex Starkman
2003Joey Petrone
2004Danny Shaifer & Henry Reohr
2005Nate Rodgers & Nick Vidal
2006Joe Bucci
2007Matt Miller
2008George Kunkel, Bradley Sachs
2009Steve Tornetta
2010Max Pinheiro
2011Jacob Urena
2012Jacob Urena
2013Robert English
2014Davis Mattaliano, Walker Goodwin
2015Grady O
2016Charlie O'Connor
2017Gabe Vandevere
2018Cormac Morrissey
2019Dylan Armstrong
2021Ames Jannetta
2022Dylan Armstrong


This award is presented to the senior camper who has worked the hardest in the sport of track.

YearAward Winner
1968John Spofford
1969John Spofford
1970Peter Abronski
1971Marcus Smith
1972John Leisenring
1973Greg Penske
1974Rob Allman
1975Rob Allman
1976Hank Berkowitz & Herb Gaston
1977Hank Berkowitz
1978Hank Berkowitz
1979Alex Yarnall
1980Corny Merlini
1981Rich Graham
1982Todd Jessup
1983Todd Jessup & Peter Merlini
1984Todd Jessup
1985Jeremy Arfield
1986Matt Noel
1987Anthony Padula
1988Matt Noel
1989Dan Kelley
1990Don McDonough
1991Jim Carroll
1992John McDevitt
1993Chris McNutt
1994Billy Dueker
1995Bud Williams
1996Jarred Abney & Keith Tickner
1997Jarred Abney
1998No Selection
1999No Selection
2000Artie Armstrong
2001John Shaw
2002J.R. Runnells
2003Max Fennell
2004Phil Thomas
2005Phil Thomas
2006Miles Dixon & Matt Poiesz
2007Matt Poiesz
2008Jim Lamb
2009Tyler Helms
2010Phil Poquie
2011Reggie Harris
2012Nysir Griffin
2013Nysir Griffin, Ahmad Hall
2014Ahmad Hall
2015Nate Whitaker
2016Josh Weiss
2017Tim McGrath
2018Tim McGrath
2019Johnny McGuigan
2021Andre Innis
2022Andre Inniss & Alex Pintado


This award is presented to the junior camper who has worked the hardest in the sport of track.

YearAward Winner
1987Matt Noel
1988Gardner Lamotte
1989David Baluarte & Ben Mathes
1990Ben Mathes & Zach Kowall
1991Jarred Abney
1992Jarred Abney & Brandon Abney
1993Jarred Abney & Brandon Abney
1994Jeb Broomell
1995Tucker Littleton
1996Dimitri Russell
1997Cameron Kowall
2001Zach Malet & Ben Hatcher
2002Stocky Euler
2003Phil Thomas
2004Miles Dixon
2005Griffin Randall
2006Griffin Randall
2007Greg Boyd
2008Guy McKhann
2009Phil Poquie
2010Matt Campbell
2011Nysir Griffin
2012Dejon French
2013Henry Wool
2014Jack Shoemaker
2015Kenny Driscoll
2016Aidan Timney
2017John Reynolds
2018Xander Gillin
2019Andre Inniss
2021Holt Record


This award is presented to the senior camper who has worked the hardest in the sport of lacrosse.

YearAward Winner
1985Joe Walsh
1986Matt Tousignant
1987Sean Miller
1988Mike Dinger
1989Mike Dinger
1990Cary Goodwin
1991Doug Crofton
1992Gary Stern & Matt Pierce
1993Kevin Dorst
1994Burke Gallagher
1995Chris Fallon
1996Will Heisinger
1997Kevin Dougherty
1998Foster Gilbert
1999Evan Coughenour
2000Sutton Ward
2001Paul Barrett
2002Kyle Mellor
2003Stephen Serling
2004Wiatt Farrar
2005Deane Mellor
2006Bo Redpath
2007Lane Beach
2008Seller Garrett, Hunter McMullin
2009Jack Adons
2010Tom Farnish
2011Robert Sands
2012Tommy McNamara
2013Tommy McNamara
2014John Geppert, Sam Powell
2015Matt Campbell
2016Michael Jameison
2017Robbie Wilson
2018Liam Ruddy
2019Chris Patterson
2021Parker Smith
2022Bud Miller


This award is presented to the junior camper who has worked the hardest in the sport of lacrosse.

YearAward Winner
1987Mike Dinger
1988Sean Manion
1989Matt Iversen
1990Eric Peterson
1991Matt Kelley & Dave Thorkelson
1992Matt Schuh
1993Patrick Wolfington
1994Chris Haunss
1995Chris Haunss & Andrew Hipple
1996Clay Stabert
1997Peter Hearne
1998Rory Melvin
1999Nick Hidell
2000Chris Furgiuelle
2001Rob McCallion
2002Colin Serling
2003Colin Serling
2004Beau Redpath
2005Joey McCallion
2006Joe Bucci
2007Massimo Bucci
2008Massimo Bucci
2009Peter van Eijk
2010Phil Poquie
2011Dox Aitken, Peter Garno
2012Matt Campbell
2013Matt Campbell, Peter Garno
2014Gordon Hlidek, Tommy Miller
2015Tommy Miller & Kenny Driscoll
2016Parker Smith
2017Patrick Jameison
2018Parker Smith
2019Charles Hogshire
2021Charlie Ramsey
2022Ezra Logue


This award is presented to the senior camper who has worked the hardest in the sport of swimming.

YearAward Winner
1968Richard Cresci
1969Bart Donaldson
1970Albert Grimaldi
1971John Laupheimer
1972Paul Carabasi
1973J.B. Kelly
1974J.B. Kelly
1975Ted Angelus
1976Bob Zullinger
1977No Selection
1978John Colehower
1979Kenny Burns
1980Brooke James
1981Fred Meserve
1982Andy Baxter
1983Pete Beede
1984Alex Walley
1985Brett Miller
1986Matt Teti
1987Ted Haley
1988Mike Padula
1989Mike Padula & Rob Tompkins
1990Patrick Hughes
1991Jarred Abney
1992Jim Carroll
1993Reed Johnson
1994Brandon Abney & Liam McLaughlin
1995Chris Hearne
1996Dimitri Russell
1997Rob Hillas
1998Sean Patterson
1999Hunter Williams
2000Rob Hillas
2001Barrett Abbott
2002Barrett Abbott
2003Charles Alexander & Brendan Lawson
2004Charles Alexander
2005Charles Alexander & Tom Hearne
2006Elliot Albert
2007Chris Driscoll
2008Chris Driscoll
2009Jack Maloy
2010Chirs Driscoll, Hunter Gillin
2011Antoine LaBaude
2012Gus Anderson
2013Thomas Adair, Gus Anderson
2014Jeff Pendergast
2015Javier Alegre
2016Ned Morgan
2017Ned Morgan
2018Jared Semisch
2019Aiden Mehta
2021RJ Jordan
2022Ryan Bancone


This award is presented to the junior camper who has worked the hardest in the sport of swimming.

YearAward Winner
2001Mike Farnum
2002Paul Mita
2003Twiggs Miller
2004Twigs Miller
2005Chris Driscoll
2006Charlie McLemore
2007Bobby Flood
2008Hunter Gillin
2009Gus Anderson
2010Alec Frank
2011Gus Anderson
2012Alec Frank
2013Brendan Cline
2014Jay Heymann
2015Witt Phillips
2016Jack Zungailia
2017Michael Alpers
2018Ryan Bancone
2019Wilcox Tullo
2021Thomas Springer
2022Cooper Schreiner & Connor Mestl


This award is presented to junior camper who worked the hardest throughout the summer, preparing for the annual Gilbert & Sullivan Operetta.

YearAward Winner
1968Steve Kain & Bart Hamlin
1969Mark Luff
1970Chuck Crockett
1971Kevin McLemore
1972Jeffrey Benoliel
1973J.B. Kelly
1974Rob Conrad
1975Joe Fuqua
1976David Payne
1977Bruce Hauptfuhrer
1978Courtney Brown
1979Marty Pitkow
1980Dave Denious
1981Bob Gray
1982Tucker Levy
1983Don Triolo
1984Dave Maile
1985Phil Aman
1986Howdie Goodwin
1987Marc Schubert
1988Mike Kain
1989Geoff Watson
1990T.J. Griffin & Geoff Watson
1991Zack Kowell
1992John Tuck
1993Kevin Fee
1994Tim Tuck
1995Tucker Littleton
1996Chris Dougherty & Kevin Dougherty
1997Mike Maicher
1998Giovanni Borghese
1999Matt Miller
2000Sam Daly
2001Stephen Serling
2002McKay Claghorn
2003Greg Maicher
2004Ryan Merlini
2005George Lemmon III
2006Ryan Merlini
2007Dylan Rhodes
2008Charlie McLemore
2009Jack Keffer
2010Jack Adons
2011Eric Winn
2012Jacob Urena
2013Matt Campbell
2014Teddy Wardell
2015Jack Gillin
2016Matthew Hickey
2017Reed Fullmer
2018Reed Fullmer
2018Axel Baltuch
2019Carson Kraus
2021Beckett Chizmar
2022Connor Record

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