Over the past eight decades, many Camp Tecumseh campers have expressed frustration at not being able to find a left-handed smoke shifter when attending a cookout. During that time, Tecumseh counselors have felt very bad that their campers were not able to find a left-handed smoke shifter to use during a cookout, whether it was back at the cabins or down at the waterfront.

We are happy to announce that Tecumseh alums may now purchase their very own left-handed smoke shifter. Why risk having a cookout and not having one? There are five different models available, based on the how many people will be attending your cookout, anticipated wind speed velocity and the type of guests that will be attending. A wide range of cookout accessories are also available for purchase.

THE ALLMAN 8000 - Our most powerful left-handed smoke shifter, this system is recommended for cookouts with 50 or more people in attendance or where wind gusts of 30 miles per hour or more are predicted. The Allman 8000 comes with a 10 year warranty for parts and labor. We have sold over 100,000 Allman 8000s since they were created in 1973 by former CEO and President Lee Allman.
THE McGINLEY 7000 - This is the perfect left-handed smoke shifter to use when entertaining high profile celebrities such as Hollywood movie stars or professional athletes. This model can run for up to 24 hours at a time, great for those long lasting evening cookouts that eventually morph into an early morning sunrise breakfast cookout. Burgers and sausage in the evening, then steak and eggs in the morning. A perfectly planned event.
THE ZULLY 5500 - Ideal for a cookout with 15-30 people. The Zully 5500 is our most fuel efficient model with a 20 gallon tank and a fuel efficient rating of only 1.5 fromps per hour. Recommended for people who want to enjoy a nice cookout but need to maintain a reasonable budget. This model has a switch that enables users to quickly go from a very strong shifting stream to a more economical, lower level shifting stream that will be less stressful to your budget.
THE DOUGHERTY 3000 - First used in 1979, recommended for smaller gatherings of 10-15 people and wind speeds under 20 miles an hour. This model takes up the least space of any of our models and has the fastest setup time of any of our models. Just unpack the Dougherty 3000, place it near your campfire, mix the fuel in and bamn, you are ready to cook in less than 10 minutes. This model can also be moved with ease from one cookout site to another, enabling many groups to use it during any particular evening.
THE GAGER 2000 - The Gager 2000 is a slight upgrade to our original Gager 1000 which was first invented back in 1925. The original Gager 1000 was a very heavy, immobile model that was very difficult to work with and aggravated everyone. The newer Gager 2000 replaced the Gager 1000 in 1986 as our primary product. It is still a heavy, sturdy, reliable device that can shift smoke in any direction and at any time. The Gager 2000 comes with a manual lever on the top which allows it to easily become a right-handed smoke shifter. (Note: Right-handed smoke shifters are still illegal in Vermont, Maine, South Dakota and several Caribbean Islands so please plan accordingly).


ONE HUNDRED FEET OF SHORE LINE - Will your cookout require some shore line? Look no further. We sell the highest quality shore line to make your cookout complete. Our shore line is 80 point grade quality and comes with the finest sand found in New Hampshire. Our shore line comes in yellow, red, blue, green, gray and orange. Shore line is only sold in reels of 100 feet and works flawlessly with any of our left-handed smoke shifter models.
HIDE BEHINDS - Want to add some fun and excitement to your cookout? How about some of New Hampshire's finest Hide Behinds? Watch and laugh as your guests look into the woods, trying to see a Hide Behind. Can they spot one before it hides behind a tree or a rock? Our Hide Behinds are programed to change locations in the forest at least 15 times per hour for up to eight hours a night. Hide Behinds are sold in sets of six.
YOGI & BOO BOO - Yes, what would a cookout be in the wooded lake regions of New Hampshire without a few bears trying to sneak up and steal your burgers, steak and bratwurst? Hire Yogi & BooBoo to sneak around the perimeter of your cookout, looking to sneak up and steal your food. Watch with joy as your guests run away in horror, once they spot the bears. Yogi & Boo Boo are available for personal appearances of a maximum of three hours per evening.
LURKERS - Having an evening cookout? Looking for a way to really entertain your friends at the cookout? Why not hire several lurkers to slowly walk around, about 40 feet away, saying nothing, just staring blankly at your friends? Unlike the Hide Behinds, Lurkers don't move very fast. They just creep around, barely seen, barely making any sound. Are they human? Are they zombies? Your friends will be totally confused (and spooked) as to why they are at your cookout.
MARY BEE - For the best cookout ever, why not hire Mary Bee to haunt you and your friends? She may have died over 120 years ago, but her nasty spirit is still alive and well. When she died in the 1890s, she put a curse on Camp Tecumseh. She also declared Jihad on all Tecumseh campers, counselors and alums. Hire Mary for your cookout, she's totally nuts, delusional and psychotic, but boy, does she ever add excitement to a cookout out in the woods of New Hampshire! In addition to the standard rental fee, a $1000 deposit is required when hiring Mary Bee. Your deposit will be returned only if we are able to catch her within 48 hours of the end of your cookout.
CHICKENHEAD - One of the true legends of Camp Tecumseh, hire Chickenhead to run around at your cookout, acting like he just had his head cut off. Great laughs for everyone as he runs full speed towards a tree, only to hook to the right at the very last second. Having a cookout involving both old adults and young adults? Hire both Chickenhead and his son Chickenhead Junior. For an all-out hilarious time, hire his wife Mrs. Chickenhead and his daughter Lady Chickenhead. Your guests will have a blast watching them all run around at your cookout with no apparent direction or purpose.
UNCLE FESTER, PUGSLEY AND WEDNESDAY ADDAMS - In 2004, the state government of New Hampshire passed ordiance 523-D(5) which permanently banned all members of the Addams Family from entering the state of New Hampshire. Also banned from entering New Hampshire: Gilbert Hall, Dave Gilbert, Barney and the Sabertooth Rat.

All of the above left-handed smoke shifters and accessories are available for purchase at Jo-Jo's Country Store in Moultonboro, New Hampshire. All products are guaranteed to be in stock. The next time you are in New Hampshire, please be sure to pick up the smoke shifter model that is best for your needs along with whatever campfire accessories that you feel will make your big social event a huge success. Be sure to mention that you are with Camp Tecumseh to get in on the Tecumseh discount of 20% on all left-handed smoke shifters and accessories. And of course, be sure to ask for "Russ" for the best service.

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