Below are the questions from the 2005 Blue-Gray Banner Tecumseh Trivia Quiz, along with the answers.

  1. Name the former Tecumseh camper & counselor (now a Trustee) who once wrote a trivia page for the Sunbeam at camp and accidentally misspelled the title of the trivia page “Italian’s Triva”

    Answer: Lee Allman

  2. What former Tecumseh counselor went on to kick field goals for the Houston Oilers of the National Football League in the late 1970s and early 1980s? (hint: the answer is NOT Jim Fraser).

    Answer: Florian Kempf

  3. Tecumseh legend Al Piper is known for many things including being a standout football player (Villanova University), standout lacrosse player (all state in high school), Senior Basketball League MVP and having more different types of skin rashes while at Tecumseh than any other camper. His numerous skin rashes were the subject of a very funny skit in the Tecumseh Video Sunbeam of 1989. What was the name of the skit that featured Al and his skin rashes?

    Answer: The Kid That Nobody Wanted To Play With

  4. Back in the 1950’s, there was a well known camper / counselor who possessed tremendous running speed. One day on Grant Field, a historic race was setup between this person and Director George Munger riding horse back. In front of the entire camp, this person got out to an early lead on the horse but was unable to hold the lead. Name the person who almost beat George Munger and his horse in this legendary race.

    Answer: Spencer Garrett

  5. Tecumseh has always been famous for nicknames. Some nicknames became so common that people did not even know the person’s real name. Name the campers or counselors who possessed these nicknames back in the 1970’s: Sailboy, Derby, Tex.

    Answers: Tom Beilman, Jeff Brandt, J.R. Castle

  6. What famous Tecumseh personality from the late 1970s and early 1980s had two different color eyes?

    Answer: Rob Ryan

  7. The store on the other side of the Neck Road has been around for countless decades. In the 1960’s and 1970’s, it was known as McCormack’s Store. For the past 20 years, it has been known as Jo-Jo’s. For a short period of time in between, the store had a different name. What was the store called after McCormack’s Store and before Jo-Jo’s?

    Answer: Brown's Store

  8. What famous Tecumseh person competed in several Winter Olympics in the Bobsled and what country did he represent?

    Answer: Albert Grimaldi from Monaco

  9. In 1991 and later again in 1996, several counselors got together for a group photo inside the Widdow and mailed it out in the winter in the form of a Christmas card from “The Widdow Club.” Three people appeared in both Christmas cards, name them.

    Answer: Charley Erwin, Mike Haley and Ira Miles. The web page has a picture of the 1991 card as well as the 1996 card.

  10. The Intermediate Tecumseh Boy Award was first given out in 1983. Since then, three campers have won the Junior Tecumseh Boy Award, the Intermediate Tecumseh Boy Award and the Senior Tecumseh Boy Award. Name these three campers.

    Answer: Geoff Watson won Junior Tecumseh Boy in 1988 and 1991, the Intermediate Tecumseh Boy in 1992 and the Senior Tecumseh Boy Award in 1994. Alan Rego won the Junior Tecumseh Boy Award in 1998, the Intermediate Tecumseh Boy Award in 1999 and the Senior Tecumseh Boy Award in 2001. Colby Matheson won the Junior Tecumseh Boy Award in 2002, the Intermediate Tecumseh Boy Award in 2003 and the Senior Tecumseh Boy Award in 2005.

  11. The seven cabins currently on the Junior Campus have been around since 1968. Which of the seven cabins is the newest cabin, having opened up in 1968?

    Answer: The Mack's Shack

  12. What former camper / counselor starred in a movie in the 1990’s with Jodie Foster?

    Answer: Thatcher Goodwin

  13. Name the people in the pictures below.

    Answers: The first picture is of Alfred Curry, legendary kitchen worker. The photo was taken in 1978.

    The second picture is of Richy Allman and Lee Allman. The photo was taken in 1974.

    The third picture is of Bob Rhein and Rob Ryan. The photo was taken in the mid 1980's. Rhein and Ryan both went to The Haverford School and Bucknell University and both played on the soccer team together. Their similar names caused a lot of confusion.

BONUS QUESTION: (not found in the Newsletter): Name the two islands that Tecumseh owns (the first person to correctly answer this question will receive a free soda at the next Tecumseh Reunion).

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